Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Fantasy Nostalgia: Regional ITV Football Kits

In much the same way as our League of Blogs graphically rendered websites as football kits, this little exercise in pointless fantasy does exactly the same for some of the ITV regional TV channels of yesteryear.

And so we present the likes of Granada, Thames, Grampian, TVS and many others in football kit form. No real reason for it... just thought it might be a pleasant distraction from football in the real world...

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Left to right: Grampian, Scottish Television, Border, Ulster

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Left to right: HTV, London Weekend Television, Thames, Television South West

Click for larger version
Left to right: Anglia, Channel, TVS, Yorkshire

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Left to right: ATV, Granada, Tyne Tees

-- by Chris Oakley


  1. Replies
    1. Sadly not, James. I chose ATV for the Midlands instead. That said, everyone seems to be crying out for it, so I might add it in as an update sometime soon!

  2. I grew up watching Yorkshire, and have to say I'd much prefer plain yellow and black to the deep gold logos we had to suffer through in the "Channel 3" era. Great work though, I love both football kits and regional ITV logos/idents so it's pretty cool to see them together!

    1. Excellent news, Anonymous - glad you liked the feature!

    2. well since the liquid gold ident is the most recognisable of the bunch that we had i would say its most appropriate .....with an away kit of blue and yellow for the second colour scheme we got