Tuesday 5 March 2013

Top 5 Subbuteo World Cup Accessories That Never Were

Subbuteo, as we all know, created many many accessories to enhance the realism of the beautiful tabletop game. Some were great and their existence was without question... Others made you wonder who exactly came up with the idea (ball throwing goalies on sticks?!?!).

To that end, I hereby present some more Subbuteo accessories that, for all we know, may have been one step away from production... assuming the decision makers were tripping balls of course...

Triggs - Roy Keane's Dog

Forget host country South Korea's extraordinary journey to the semi final. The true star of the 2002 World Cup was a bit more hairy though probably covered just as much ground.

Meet Triggs, the lovable labrador who shot to fame after Roy's early exit (I'd say hissy fit, but I value my legs too much) from the Republic of Ireland's base camp.

Combine him with any Roy Subbuteo figure and the TV Tower and you too can recreate those hazy days 11 years ago when the world media chased a bloke and his pooch round the streets while the rest of the world wanted to watch some football... at 9 o'clock in the bloody morning...

USA 94 Diana Ross / Exploding Goal Edition


Who can forget USA 94? People born in 1995 probably, what with them not having memories to actually forget... Anyway... Woooooooh!!! SOCCER!!!

Actually one of my favourite World Cups (as discussed on the latest podcast) due to the sunny weather, 2am matches and a beautiful Adidas template... Waaaait a minute!

For those who can remember, cast your mind back to the opening ceremony. Look, there's Diana Ross miming singing away... but wait, she's got a soccerball... she's one on one with the keeper! And Ross must score!

The USA 94 DR/EG playset comes with all you need to recreate that truly brilliant moment. A corner kick taker replete with curly black wig, a confused looking goalie (on a stick) and a regular World Cup goal that your brother stood on. Place your finger on the goal to hold it together, use the other finger to flick the corner kick taker and watch in wonder as the ball flies nowhere near the goal (just like real life!)  Release your finger, while enunciating 'boom' and rock back and forth as the goal and your love of the game collapses.

Graham Poll World Cup 2006

Often referred to as a 12th man by bitter members of the losing team, the Referee is, like it or not, an integral part of the game and Subbuteo have had a Ref accessory in their catalogue for aeons. This limited edition version was* an added extra included with the 2006 World Cup Edition.

The usual Ref / Assistant Refs were there, but this was included for those awkward moments where you liked a player so much you just couldn't bear to see him removed from the field of play.

The Graham Poll Referee figure is therefore replete with not one, not two, but all three yellow cards necessary to recreate those golden World Cup moments we all know and love.

* wasn't

Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid Pack

What better way to celebrate the World Cup taking place in another new continent than by re-staging the process that made it all a reality?

Recreate the exciting moment when Sepp Blatter first opened the briefcase that contained all the important notes documents!

Revel in the logic of the decision!

Laugh all the way to the bank host choosing ceremony!


and finally...

1982 Kuwait World Cup Team

For classic moments that have actually been recreated in Subbuteo form, check out the brilliant Subbuteo Art.


  1. Love the Triggs subbuteo piece, but the late and much lamented dog was a girl!