Tuesday 30 April 2013

The Worst of Modern Football?

Here in the Attic, we love the "good old days"! This doesn't mean we don't like football now, but there are some things we just can't stand!

What with the growing Against Modern Football movement and a general sense of disenchantment about the game we all love, Chris and I were discussing what we despise most about the modern game.

My personal bugbear is one word..."Tekkers." Just hearing that word as I type it makes me want to punch a wall!!!

We started drawing up a list of anything we could think of... and it started growing rapidly. There's 22 things on there already!

With brains already ticking over, we thought it'd be nice to get all interactive again, given how much fun we had with the Greatest Shirt Sponsor Ever.

The plan is to get a list of all the things we hate about modern football, at which point we'll draw up a tournament to find out which is the worst of all.

So... what are all the things you despise?  Leave a comment here or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook!


P.S. For balance, we're also going to do a 'what's best about old football' too... :-)


  1. The worst thing about modern football is not being able to stand!!

  2. Corporations running football. Price of tickets. CONSUMING football.

  3. Off the top of my head, it would be the second "colour" commentator, the ex footballer who was very average at best for an average team. In the early days of the second commentator in the 70s-80s when they would just appear for European cup finals and FA cups, they would be asked their opinions on the game by the main commentator every 30 minutes or so. These days you can't shut them up from telling us exactly what we have just witnessed and processed by our own brain. They are a complete waste of time and a distraction from the game.
    This is a tremendous topic, I'll be back to add more.

    1. Totally agree with you, Rob. As much as anything, it's the frequency with which we hear from co-commentators these days, not what they say. If we only heard from them 3 or 4 times during a match (as used to be the case), their drivel wouldn't be so bad.

  4. Couldn't agree more with Rob on that one. In the old days, a commentator would talk to you. Now, we're just eavesdropping on a cosy little chat between two mates. Thanks lads.

  5. 1. Clueless owners (yes, I'm a Blackburn fan). 2. Unscrupulous agents. 3. Overpaid and under-ability players. 4. The media love-in with all things Premier League, to the virtual exclusion of all other football. 5. Echoing Rob above, the 2nd commentator who adds nothing (or less) to the viewer's/listener's experience - yes, Andy Townsend I mean you, you're the worst of a pretty bad bunch. 6. The old boys' club on Match of the Day, which makes it better to record the games and then fast forward through the "analysis" later.

    I could go on...but I won't.

  6. Sky Sports News, players wages, middle class fans, foriegn owners, & idiots refering to the game as a "product"

  7. Ok, I'm back,
    how about those electronic advertising boards?