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Rich and I are in a very lucky position. Since we started The Football Attic Kit Pod, we've seen our audience grow bigger and bigger. It's something we're very grateful for and we've never taken your support for granted, so thank you for the interest you've shown in our podcasts so far.

At this point in time, it would be very easy for us to simply sit back and wallow in the adulation you heap upon us. Hell, we make a fortnightly podcast and you listen to it... everyone's happy, right?

Well perhaps, but we figure we could be doing something more, and helping a much wider range of people at that.

We've therefore decided to do something new. From now on, we're inviting you, our wonderful listeners, to join us in supporting a mental health charity of your choice in your part of the world. After all, if we occasionally have the attention of so many of you, why not use your generosity of spirit to do something positive for others?

In the UK, Mind is a charity that helps people suffering with depression and other mental health issues. They do tremendous work to support so many, but of course they can only do so with our help. That's why we're kindly asking you to visit the Mind website (if you live in the UK) and make a small donation. Whatever you can afford, you can be sure it'll go a long way to boost the efforts they make every single day of the year to support thousands of people everywhere.

If you live outside of the UK, you can be sure there's an equivalent charity that would welcome your help and donations too. Please spare a little time to find one, and when you do, give them your love and a small donation of whatever you can afford. Mental health and depression is something that affects so many people - the two of us included - and we'd be so grateful if you could help us to help the charity of your choice.

Many thanks for your time and best wishes,

Chris Oakley
The Football Attic.


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