Saturday 17 November 2012

Greatest Shirt Sponsor Ever - Round 1 (Matches 1-16)

It's finally here! The Vote for the Greatest Shirt Sponsor Ever!

As mentioned previously, this will be a knockout tournament comprising 96 teams. 32 of these have been seeded and will only appear in Round 2.  Therefore, Round 1 will be 32 matches between the 64 non-seeded teams.  NB, the list of seeded teams can be found in the post linked to above, so before I have to explain where Wang or Crown Paints are, take a look!  ;-)

I've split the First Round into two parts. This is so the page doesn't get ridiculously long and also because setting up the polls is taking longer than planned!

Rules - Just a few things to mention:

1) You are voting for the SPONSOR, not the team that it adorned.

2) Voting for Round 1 closes at midnight on Friday 23rd November

3) This is a bit of fun... if you don't like the results, take a deep breath, smile and accept that democracy is flawed... ;-)

And so... let the voting commence!

Round 1 - Matches 1-16

32 sponsors v 32 sponsors (all 64 being 'non-seeds')

Have you voted in Matches 17-32 yet?


  1. Hibernian and Bukta could go all the way here!

    1. Quite so, Al! The 'George Best factor' could have a major influence, I reckon... :)

  2. Can't believe Watford & Iveco didn't make the cut but, still the most fun I've had since the final whistle today...

  3. As a Sunderland fan I now realise it's a shame that since sponsorship on shirts began we've stayed loyal to local business. Outside of the North East I think of many people who will have heard of Vaux, Cowies and Reg Vardy.

    Still I'm hoping for a Solvite vs Bukta Final.