Tuesday 21 August 2012

The Football Attic Podcast Episode 2: Computer Games

Welcome back for Episode 2 of the Football Attic Podcast!

This week we delve into the uber-nerdy world of football computer games and discover that Rich seems to be bitter about almost any game he's ever played, except for Sensible Soccer

So...prepare for reminiscence and rants as Chris and Rich relive their geeky pasts ;-)

Download it here - (or right-click and 'Save as' to save your own copy)

Oh yeah, we still haven't managed to sort iTunes yet...soooorry! So...instead, here's a lovely picture of some kittens.



  1. I was always a console football gamer because of my sallow youth. My initial favourites were Sensible Soccer and FIFA Soccer 95 on the Mega Drive. I particularly liked FIFA 95 because 1. you could only really effectively score from 30 yards, which made for a match featuring two teams of Bobby Charltons, and 2. if you pressed the B+C buttons together you could PUNCH an opponent.

    For all the football games since, for all the clever advances in graphics and gameplay and computer AI that we now have, not one of them now has this feature. Which is a terrible, terrible shame. It was *brilliant*.

    Since Championship Manager 2 came out I've largely been a football management sim man. Now when one of my players punches another I fine them 2 weeks wages. I have no shame.

  2. Sensible World of Soccer was my personal introduction to football gaming...the Barcelona team of Romario, Hagi and Koeman et al proved very fruitful. Although only signing players that could run fast diminished the 'realism' factor...

    Enjoyed World Cup Italia '90 too, with its relentless 'get to byline, cross to back post, head in the goal' format of success.

    1. Its Route One - My friend Martin (who I mentioned in the podcast) was able to beat me in every game of Kick Off using that exact method you mentioned - namely (1) Run down the byline with the ball, (2) When you get there, cross the ball into the penalty area, and (3) Slam the ball in by meeting it first time. Somehow I couldn't defend against it, even though I knew what was coming...

  3. A 'Punch' button MUST be incorporated into any future version of FIFA/Pro Evo along with a 'Spit' button in my view...

  4. Can't remember which game it was I had where one of the tackle options was 'foul'...mostly you got done for it, but the rare satisfaction of crippling an opponent and not even getting booked was heavenly!

    1. Agreed! I used to occasionally treat myself to a crippling foul on a member of the opposing team! It was WONDERFUL... :)

  5. Hi,
    Lovely podcast,

    Two things -

    1) Matchday
    2) Matchday 2 (it was basically Matchday but you could score with a header)

    They were ZX Spectrum gold.

    Also, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer. But that's a separate story


  6. Thanks Anonymous. I owned Matchday 2 (I think) on the Spectrum and found it a little tricky to play, if memory serves. Still brings back happy memories though!

    I was going to mention it on the podcast but we ran out of time, as it goes. If only we had a 2-hour podcast instead... :)