Monday, 17 June 2013

What's the Worst Thing About Modern Football? Semi Finals

It's that crucial moment in any competition - the semi-finals, a time when glory is tantalisingly within reach of those competing entities, a time when fortune favours the brave and losers are forgotten. Well, something like that in any case.

Yes, we're finally down to the last four in our search for The Worst of Modern Football, and thanks to your voting in the last round, they're a fine four to choose from.

You can see the results from Round 3 on our Worst of Modern Football page, but in short you ranked 'Ticket Prices' and 'The Media Love-In With All Things Premier League' as the winners from Group A and 'Greed In General' and 'Rebranding / Ignoring Club History' the winners from Group B. A huge thank you as ever to all of you that voted - we had a great response once again!

And now we must crave your votes for the penultimate time as we enter the semi-final stage. On this occasion it's a straight knock-out and you can only vote for one item in each match, namely the item you think is more fitting of the title 'Worst Thing About Modern Football'.

Once again we've randomly drawn the competing entities and you can see who's playing who below, so we invite you to make your selections and help us find out who will be taking part in the Final of The Worst of Modern Football!

Voting for this round closes at midnight on Monday 24 June 2013.


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