Sunday, 2 June 2013

League of Blogs Top 3s + Sticker Update

The League of Blogs Sticker Album is complete!!!

Having spent all weekend putting it together, it's finally finished and is now uploading to the photo site to be ordered :)

As with last year, once all the entries were in, we chose our favourite three designs. This year we have split this into Badges and Kits...

But before we present those, a side note regarding the album, a word about stickers...

I have now ordered 20 copies. Three of those are reserved for Chris and myself, so there's 17 to buy. I've noted all those who have requested one already so don't worry, you have one reserved for you.

Also, IF you are insane enough or have more money than sense, you can also buy a complete sticker pack, which consists of 108 stickers. That's 51 normal stickers, 48 of which are double size, and 57 foil stickers!

These will cost £15, so an album + sticker pack would be £30 inc UK P&P. I don't expect any takers, but having seen the foil stickers for real and seeing how awesome they are, I thought I'd give you the option.

The sticker albums on their own are £15 inc UK P&P and do have the badges and kits pre-printed in them.

And now... our Top 3s! Hereby presented as they will appear in the Sticker Album. Oh yeah - if you happen to be in the Top 3 badges and buy an album, your Top 3 sticker will be GOLD FOIL! Oooooh!

The Football Attic League of Blogs 2013 Top 3 Badges & Kits


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