Saturday 25 June 2016

The Football Attic Kit Podcast 01 - Euro 2016

Football Kits! We all love em! Well, Chris & Rich do... so that's why we've decided to open up the Attic once more and dust off some of the lovely kits we've had sitting up there...

Yes, the Football Attic Podcast is back, but with a twist... it's all about the kits!

So sit back and enjoy an hour of waffle and opinion on the best and worst the football kit world has to offer!

This time, we focus on the Euros as there's loads of crackers in there... and also France.

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On the podcast, we asked you to vote for your favourite non-tournament England shirt out of the three choices given. After combining the total number of votes received here on The Football Attic website and via our Twitter account, we can confirm the final result as follows:

1st: Shirt B (1984-87): 76 votes (47%)
2nd: Shirt A (1974-80): 54 votes (34%)
3rd: Shirt C (1993-94): 31 votes (19%)

Thank you for taking part in this Kit Off vote. Check out the latest Football Attic podcast to vote in another Kit Off!


During the Kit News section of the podcast, we referred to a number of new kits. You can find images for them by following these links: