Wednesday 9 June 2021

Football Attic: Rewind - Episode 2

It's episode 2 of the retro football podcast that knows its Kombilotts from its Konsum Vasts! Yes, we're back once again to take you back to a time in British football when the shorts were short and the tempers on the field were even shorter...

In this episode, we take you back to March 1987 for another instalment of the BBC's Match of the Day where it's FA Cup quarter final weekend. Arsenal play Watford and find the linesman giving off all the wrong signals, Coventry City play Sheffield Wednesday surrounded by a profusion of Scandinavian product placement, while back in the studio Bob Wilson tries not to moan about the pain in his neck. Jimmy Hill is your presenter.

Along the way we profile Steve Williams and Keith Houchen/Hoochin, consider the drop-off in quality of chart music 34 years ago and generally grab whatever low-hanging fruit we can find from the long-forgotten era of Shoot magazine, home computing and phone-based football information services. ClubCall, anyone?

If you want to watch this episode of Match of the Day to see what we're talking about, you can catch it here. Like last time, there are a few brief pauses in the video caused by circumstances beyond our control which we hope won't detract too much from your viewing pleasure. Apart from that, sit back, listen to The Football Attic: Rewind and enjoy...

(Caution: some minor swearing, but you can cope.)


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