We don't just write football nostalgia articles on this blogsite - we also do our shopping on Saturday mornings and pick the fluff from our belly-buttons in front of the TV. Oh and we record podcasts from time to time too.

Here's where you can download them all and find out more about each of the shows. Each one is a lovingly crafted hour or so of conversation between yours truly, Chris and Rich, where a specially chosen topic within the realms of football nostalgia is discussed at length.

We hope you like what you hear, and if you do, tell your friends - we'd love to welcome them into our little audio world just as we welcome you.


Podcast 1 - Football stickers
August 2012

Podcast 2 - Football computer games
August 2012

Podcast 3 - Retro football kit design
December 2012

Podcast 4 - Subbuteo
December 2012

Podcast 5 - World Cup memories
February 2013

Podcast 6 - Football on TV
March 2013

Podcast 7 - FA Cup memories
April 2013

Podcast 8 - Memorabilia collecting
April 2013

Podcast 9 - Team badges
May 2013

Podcast 10 - Football books
July 2013

Podcast 11 - England kit design
July 2013

Podcast 12 - Playing football
August 2013

Podcast 13 - Watching football
September 2013

Podcast 14 - Football Kit Design
October 2013. Rich Johnson and Chris Oakley with guests, John Devlin and Jay from DesignFootball.com.

Podcast 15 - Football magazines
January 2014

Podcast 16 - Footballs
March 2014

Podcast 17 - Things You Don't See At Football Anymore
March 2014

Podcast 18 - World Cup Top 3's
May 2014

Podcast 19 - World Cup Films
July 2014

Extra Podcast 1 - World Cup 2014 (1)
July 2014. Rich Johnson with guest, Jay from DesignFootball.com.

Podcast 20 - A Football Attic Retrospective
August 2014

Extra Podcast 2 - Vintage Era Special
September 2014. Chris Oakley with guest Graham Sibley.

Extra Podcast 3 - World Cup 2014 (2)
September 2014. Rich Johnson with guest, Jay from DesignFootball.com.

Podcast 21 - Christmas Special
December 2014

Podcast 22 - Panini Special
March 2015. Rich Johnson and Chris Oakley with guest, Greg Lansdowne.

Podcast 23 - Best and Worst
April 2015

Podcast 24 - 50 Greatest Football Shirts (Part 1)
June 2015

Podcast 25 - 50 Greatest Football Shirts (Part 2)
July 2015

Podcast 26 - 50 Greatest Football Shirts (Part 3)
August 2015

Podcast 27 - 50 Greatest Football Shirts (Part 4)
August 2015

Podcast 28 - 50 Greatest Football Shirts (Part 5)
August 2015

Podcast 29 - 50 Greatest Football Shirts (Part 6)
August 2015

Podcast 30 - Future Nostalgia
November 2015


  1. Hello lads,

    Hope all is well, loving the podcasts.

    You probably/possibly know about this crew but just in case they do witter on quite nicely about the game.


    Also I've come across the following site, thought you might like. ( Could be a good topic for a podcast ! )


    I purchased the 1966 England framed set, spot on 100% superb quality.

    Plus Phil is a great guy to deal with !


    This is a brand new set of cigarette cards, featuring caricatures of the England side that won the 1966 World Cup final.
    Players featured in this set are:- GORDON BANKS, GEORGE COHEN, RAY WILSON, NOBBY STILES, JACK CHARLTON, BOBBY MOORE, ALAN BALL, ROGER HUNT, BOBBY CHARLTON, GEOFF HURST and MARTIN PETERS. Also featured in their own cards in the set are coach HAROLD STEPHENSON and manager Alf RAMSEY.
    The other two cards in the set features the Jules Rimet trophy on one, whle the final card is a title card, that gives details of how England won the World Cup.



    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks very much indeed for your message. Not only am I aware of The Sound of Football, but I was also the presenter of it between 2009 and 2012! I'm still an occasional contributor to the podcast and am presently working on the 'Best of 2013' show that will be available towards the end of this month.

      Thanks also for the link to Phil Neill's website. He looks like a very talented artist!

      All the best, Chris.

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