Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Worst of Modern Football - The Final!

Modern Football? It's terrible, isn't it? Like, really bad! OK, it's not all wrong, but there's a hell of a lot NOT right with it!  But just exactly which part of modern football is the worst, the absolute barrel scraper, the Justin Bieber of football? The Andy Townsend...

And as comedy legend Harry Hill would say, there's only one way to find out!!!

At this point, he'd shout 'Fiiiiiiiiight!' and some low paid TV monkeys would come in dressed as anything from a badger to a hot dog to a pot of Danone yoghurt. But we hold no truck with such fripperies here!

You'll get a sombre looking poll and be done with it! After all, you don't like all the razzmatazz that surrounds modern football, so a sombre looking poll is what you want, isn't it? I thought so... good boy!

Following your suggestions, we started with 64 separate entries, though once voting was underway we had around another 64 we could have added!

After several rounds of voting, we're here! The final two! And I'm sure no-one will disagree with either of the entries being here... Maybe one of them is a little too generic, but hey, we never said democracy works did we?

So... the final vote is up to you.

Will you the 'Greed in General' or would you 'Rebranding / Ignoring Club History'?

Voting closes at 23:59 on Sunday 7th July!  



  1. Replies
    1. Goal music sadly went out of the competition in Round 2, Marc! It just wasn't deemed bad enough... :)