Monday 31 October 2016

The Football Attic Kit Podcast 08 - FA Cup Finals Kits of the 80's

It's back to the usual routine for Episode 8 of the Football Attic Kit Podcast as Chris and Rich focus their attention on the main topic this week: The kits of the FA Cup Finals of the 1980's.

There's a full and frank assessment of all twenty kits, plus an attempt by your hosts to pick the best Final based on the kits that were worn. Which one would you go for?

To start the show, there's Kit News (featuring the latest releases as listed below), and later we've got another Kit Off vote for you. The theme this time is 'Sunderland Away Shirts' and you can pick your favourite by scrolling down this page and using the buttons shown.

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This week we're asking you to choose which of Sunderland's last three away shirts is the best. They're all made by Adidas but each has its own distinctive colour palette! Choose your favourite from these three...


During the Kit News section of this podcast, we referred to a number of new kits. You can find images for them by following these links:


Wednesday 5 October 2016

The Football Attic Kit Podcast 07 - 50GFSE Retrospective

For the latest Football Attic Kit Podcast, we've got something special for you. With Chris returning to the UK for the first time in four years, it was inevitable that he would meet up with Rich to record another FAKP - but also to get together with Jay from and John Devlin from!

Having found a pub that would accommodate us four unashamed kit nerds, it wasn't long before a podcast was recorded, and the subject just so happened to be 'The 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever' the project that brought all four of us together.

Over the course of just over an hour, we looked back on how the project came about, how we managed to get a consensus on our choices, and which shirts we tried to include but failed. Did we come close to falling out during the entire process?! Listen in and find out!

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