Friday 19 November 2021

Football Attic: Rewind - Episode 6

Hello, nostalgia lovers!

It's great to be back with the sixth episode of the podcast that people on the internet are calling "Huh?"

Yes, it's only us again, inviting you to come along for another therapeutic journey back into the football abyss, and this time we're going back to February 15th 1976...

We're not quite at the point of the long hot summer, but there's plenty of knockabout FA Cup fun to warm you up at Filbert Street where Leicester City are taking on Manchester United in the Fifth Round.

'What, no Chelsea' we hear you cry? Well no, and you can blame Gerald Sinstadt for that because on this episode we're in Granadaland where The Kick Off Match (crap title) is showing us all the best football action from 'Oop North.'

There's much to entertain us from Sinstadt talking into a dubious microphone in a shipping container to referee Jack Taylor personally taking it upon himself to drag a long-haired loon off the pitch. As if that wasn't enough, there's the weirdest theme tune accompanying the most sinister title sequence, kids selling doughnuts AND another instalment of 'Where's Brucie?'

Just don't ask how good the football is because Leicester and ManYoo are playing like schoolkids and Stoke and Sunderland don't even own a banjo, let alone hit a cow's backside with it.

Never mind, it's all classic stuff and you'll do well to watch it too before listening to us giving our own distinctive take on things. IF YOU DON'T, THE WHOLE THING WON'T MAKE SENSE. Your choice...

(Please note: This episode was recorded just a few days before Gerald Sinstadt passed away. We'd like to dedicate this podcast to his memory.)