Friday, 14 June 2013

Retro Round-Up: 14 June 2013

Greetings, retro football lovers, and welcome to another collection of the best football nostalgia stuff we could find on the web this last week. You can thank us later...

Coventry City's future may look a little uncertain at the moment, but the only thing uncertain about its past are some of the players' facial hair, as shown at Old School Panini...

Great players, a great team and a great kit - Netherlands 1974 in all their orange glory over at The Vintage Football Club...
A lovely postage stamp depicting Juventus as 'The Old Lady Zebra' over at Footysphere...

‘I had to leave Man City to get away from Malcolm Allison...'  Michael Robinson's use of ambiguous language lets him down over at The Goldstone Wrap...

FootballGaffesGalore provides us with a fine compilation of opening title sequences from ITV's The Big Match, but there's one thing we've always wondered - whatever happened to the phony guy holding the trophy at 4:43?  

Got 200 empty Panini World Cup 2010 sticker albums to fill? You're in luck! Someone's selling 216 sealed boxes of stickers over on eBay...

And don't forget...'ve only got until the end of the month to vote on your favourite England home kit since 1965. If you haven't already done so, get in quick before it's too late! :)


  1. Chaps, a little off the point but, can you help me out? My brother is trying to remember the name of those plastic orange footballs from the 70's, kind of heavy with black painting in the grooves. I'm thinking they're called Winfields or something like that. He's told everyone in the office that I'll know it, no pressure there then!

  2. Now we're thinking it was the Wembley Trophy, any good?

    1. Hi Rob...that sounds right!

      Just found this ode to one, which seems to match it perfectly!

    2. Ha ha, brilliant, thanks.