Thursday, 23 August 2012

Arctic Software's World Cup (C16 & Plus/4)

THIS is the game I talked about in the podcast! Turns out it was the game that US Gold utilised for World Cup Carnival, which Chris mentioned (and the fantastic 200% article he mentioned is here).

The C64 version doesn't seem to be too bad, but this is what I had to put up with...

Football computer games...screw you!


  1. For those interested in the free gifts the purchaser of said game were presented with, there's a link here to the wonderful "World of Spectrum" site that explains more (scroll down to the links to the images near the bottom).

    1. They really didn't change the game at all did they? Just bunged some intro screens in there.

    2. No, not at all. Some of the letters about the game (that you can read on the link above) are quite angry...

      There was another World Cup 86 game (an unofficial version). It wasn't very good either. You could choose to be one of 32 nations. Interestingly one of those nations was "Tasmania".

    3. Heh! That was one thing that Microprose Soccer had too...World Cups with obscure countries in. I'd never heard of Oman til I played that game :D