Saturday, 25 August 2012

Attic Kits Feature in Coventry City Matchday Programme

Today is a very proud day for The Football Attic and in particular, the Rich (@sofa_soccer) shaped half.

In today's Coventry City Matchday Programme for the game against Bury, 3 of my fantasy kit designs are showcased to all who buy a copy. As someone who, like Chris, spent hours of his teenage years designing kits, to have them in your home team's programme is just fantastic!

Before I go into how this came about, I want to say a big thank you to Derek and Gary of the brilliant Got, Not Got, for it is they who made this all possible. For those of you who may have missed it, we interviewed the Godfathers of Retro back in February.

Last year, I posted on Twitter my ideas for a new CCFC kit, which garnered a mostly positive reception. GNG got in touch and mentioned they were doing a few features in the CCFC programme and if I sent them the designs, they might be able to get them in. I winged them over and a few weeks ago, Derek got back in touch to say they'd be featured in an upcoming issue. Derek also suggested I create a 3rd one, perhaps based around Cov's infamous use of the colour brown. Being a fan of those Coventry shirts, this gave me the perfect chance to combine the colour scheme with my favourite ever CCFC kit design...the 1987/89 Hummel outfit. I quickly put it together along with some words to accompany the kits and then tried to stop grinning before my jaw fell off.

Courtesy of GNG / CCFC Matchday Programmes
Last night, I downloaded the electronic edition of PUSB (Play Up Sky Blues) and eagerly flicked to page 13 and THERE THEY WERE!!!! I quickly read the whole article, grin back in full effect :-D

While I have never been a collector of programmes, my overriding memories of them being more the advert for Steve Earle than anything else, I do always get one when I go to a match and I have to say, putting aside any CCFC bias I may have here, that I do think Cov's programme is great. So often I've found reading a matchday prog to be a chore, rather than a joy with way too much of what seems to be filler or ads, but the CCFC one is rammed with actual proper articles. Oh and the front covers on this year's issues are brill! I HAVE to get one of those away tops!

The article can be seen above, but before I show you the kits in full, I'd like to again say a huge thanks to Got, Not Got and to Coventry City's Matchday Programme for making a teenage boy's dream come true... no, not the one about Janet Ellis ;-)

And so, the kits in full:





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