Friday, 10 August 2012

The Football Attic Podcast - Episode 1

There's a well known philosophical debate that asks "If a tree falls down in a forest and there's no-one around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Well, we can't answer that, but we can pose the question "If 2 blokes spend 40 minutes talking about Panini and stuff, will anyone listen?"

Thinking about it, it's more you who can answer that question... so... you know... download it... now!

Right-click and 'Save As' from the link below:

Football Attic Podcast Episode 1

or download it from iTunes... when I figure that out...

And please let us know what you think :)


  1. A great listen.

    My greatest sticker buying triumphs were tinged with guilt. My local newsagent was located in the middle of Maidenhead's 'Bomber' council estate (named thus because all the roads were named after second world war aircraft rather than the fact that someone once lobbed a molotov cocktail into the chippie). I am pretty sure I was the only purchaser of panini stickers in the shop that was opposite a somewhat fearsome pub called The Merlin (ironically given subsequent football stickers history). Because I was the only customer, the sticker packets appeared to be a job lot, hence there were no 'not gots' at all - so I rather rapidly filled up by Spain 1982 album without the inconvenience of standing in a windy playground lamenting a glut of Pietro Vierchowods.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. :)

    I love the fact that the pub was called The Merlin! How ironic is that! Very envious that you filled up your Spain 82 album. Didn't get very far with mine, more's the pity!

    If all goes to plan, we'll try and give you a name-check on the next podcast with our thanks...

    All the best,