Wednesday 22 September 2021

Football Attic: Rewind - Episode 4


Hello again, nostalgia lovers, and welcome to another episode of The Football Attic: Rewind.

For this episode, we're jumping into the Attic Time Cupboard and heading back 42 years to December 16th 1979. Why? Well apart from 'why not?', we wanted to watch an old episode of ITV's The Big Match and tell you what we saw.

Among the many delights on offer this time around:

  • Brian Moore once again turns his back on the giants of English football to focus instead on Second Division Chelsea,
  • Rich paints the slightly inappropriate picture of him and his brother in their underpants wearing cowboy hats (well he was young at the time),
  • We discuss the improbable coming together of Rod Hull, Emu and Snoop Dog on a low-rent Channel 4 TV show,
  • and we get our first sighting of a dog on the pitch which, we presume, must have been happening virtually every week during the 1970's.

As well as all that, we defiantly fail to laugh at several referees experiencing misfortune and discomfort, contemplate the miraculous popularity of grapefruits four decades ago, and commit unflinchingly to give Bruce Forsyth his own spot in all future episodes. What more could you possibly ask for?

Well, there's always a link to this episode of The Big Match, of course. That would be handy. Apart from that, not a lot, we hope...


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