Wednesday 6 October 2021

Football Attic: Rewind - Episode 5

Greetings nostalgia lovers... it's Attic Rewind time again!

On this occasion, we're heading back to the warm, cosy beigeness of the BBC's Match of the Day studio such as it was on February 2nd 1985.  Once again, Jimmy Hill has the highlights of two matches to bring us, but, with the aid of Tony Gubba, there's also time for a brief report from Millwall where George Graham is learning the managerial ropes. Hooligans? What hooligans?

On the pitch, we get to see Luton Town facing up to their fellow lavish spenders Tottenham Hotspur at a ground that has possibly the most advertising boards in the country. They've even got some on the upper tier of the main stand!

After trying to be not too distracted by all the pro-Scandi names on show at Kenilworth Road, it's off to Hillsborough again where there's 48,000 watching Sheffield Wednesday play Liverpool - most of them wearing bobble hats, parkas, scarves or possibly a combination of all three. The game's not all that flash, but Jimmy Hill reckons it's a wind-related problem. Well we've all been there...

Elsewhere, Breaking News: Bryan Robson's injured! But it's not all predictable... We get to see all the goals from Dumbarton (WTF?), stopping along the way to find out what Bruce Forsyth was up to in February 1985, and discover the worst small business name in the UK at time of recording. Oh, and we give a doff of the hat to the late, great Sir Clive Sinclair.

It's all here in episode 5 of The Football Attic: Rewind, including this ever-important link to the accompanying Match of the Day episode. Without that, our ramblings would be rendered completely pointless (if you can imagine such a thing).


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