Friday 9 July 2021

Football Attic: Rewind - Episode 3

Once again we invite you to jump into The Football Attic's time cupboard and join us for another romp through the forgotten wilderness of British football on TV...

And what a romp it turns out to be. First of all, we're honoured by the presence of Rich Nelson as our guest, fresh from single-handedly providing the BBC with all its Finnish football-related content during Euro 2020.

Having put us straight on the subject of Scandinavian advertising boards of the late-1980's, we plunge into an episode of ITV's The Big Match from 7th December 1975. As ever, the observations are acute and the tangents wild.

For instance, did John Wayne really voice a minor part in Star Wars? Was sports bra technology really so appalling 46 years ago? And why did some overhead projectors in the 1970's use orange-tinted plastic sheets?

There's also much delight at the memory of ITV regions we'd see on holiday as kids, a moment to ponder who had more fun with Raquel Welch - Jimmy Hill or Peter Osgood? - and a conscious effort on our parts not to mention the name of a popular brand of liquorice in Denmark. All that, plus listener feedback and Brian Moore telling a viewer how to say 'Steve Coppell' properly.

Confused? Don't be. Watch this episode of The Big Match, settle back and listen to our observations using the download link below. Is there any swearing, we hear you ask? Yes, but surely you've come to expect that by now.


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