Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Panini: Got, Got, AAAARGH! 2

Last year we took a look at Panini's stranger offerings and if there's one thing we've learned in life, it's that a sequel is always a good thing...so let's take another journey into Panini's dark side with Panini - Got, Got, AAAARGH! 2

Speaking of the dark side, ever wondered what Darth Vader looks like on a day off? Wonder no more for here we see the Sith lord, just about to embark on a  morning run...I'm guessing this was just before the Emperor came to check on the progress of the 2nd Death Star as he does look somewhat tense...

Sticking with the theme of film references, imagine Brad Pitt is rehearsing for the final scenes of the film Se7en, where the cardboard box is delivered to that remote location and Morgan Freeman's character opens it, recoils in disgust and urges his colleague not to look.

Anyone who's seen that film , knows full well that he does indeed take a sneaky peek at the contents. It's rumoured that to prepare for that moment, to truly capture the sickening horror of what his eyes would fall upon, Mr Pitt used this image as inspiration...this is a face that has seen things...horrible things...worse than Mrs. Brown's Boys!

And speaking of seeing things (can I keep these links up? Let's see...), remember those photos you'd get on programmes like Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World, where someone had taken a picture of their friend or relative, but when the film was developed, there was someone in the background who they swear wasn't there when it was taken?  Well it happens to famous people too...here we see the great Johan Cruyff...but who's that behind him?
"That irashcible fellow washn't dere a minute ago", swore the Dutch legend.

Last movie reference for you now..."Regardez, sur la gauche, c'est le monstre de Frankenstein"

And on the right...OK, Mr. Potato Head, we're ready for your close up!  Honestly, we've seen terrible examples of bad head planting before (Robbie Fowler being the perfect example), but at least they usually get the size of the head right!

I can think of several possible explanations for this travesty:

  • A balloon with his face on floated in front of the camera just as the picture was taken.
  • He'd been auditioning for Shrek 5 that morning and hadn't had time to unswell his head.
  • Eduardo was the inspiration for the Corinthian line of toys...never saw a penny though!

Some little known facts about the 1970 World Cup now...

The Brazil team all had to receive a blow to the stomach, just before their photo was taken...

...and El Salvador, following a shortage of available players, were allowed to field blow up dolls...

Finally, for the 1974 World Cup, West Germany was determined to escape its not so distant past and banish any ideas of racial stereotyping.

Panini however, were on hand to royally f*** that up for them...

Yes people...this happened...in 1974...


  1. Excellent post. '74 Jesus Christ Zaire is just incredible. The nostalgia here is great but in this case thank god things have changed!

    1. Thanks Geoff :)
      I was utterly gobsmacked by the Zaire picture when I first saw it!

  2. What's so wrong with the Zaire sticker? There are lions in DR Congo (previously Zaire) so I don't see anything wrong with it.

    Robin Z