Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Highfield Road's Last Day

Given what's happening with my club, Coventry City, today, I thought I'd post some pics from a happier time,   when we used to actually own our own ground.

So here are some of my collection from the day we said goodbye to our beloved old home, Highfield Road.


  1. What a shame, I have great memories of Highfield Road; we had season tickets from 1978-84. Having a family split between Liverpool and Coventry in the 70's I idolised Dalglish & co, but Coventry was my local team, such a sad time for the Sky Blues.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Rob. It is indeed such a shame what's happening at the club. Never thought when we left HR that it would come to this so soon after :(

  2. So moving away from Highfield Road after 98 years and into the so-called "Ricoh Arena" (God, I HATE "branded" names for football stadiums...almost as much as I hate shirt sponsorship) was "progress" for the club, was it? And look where such "progress" has gotten them, after just a few short years...a nomadic club with no home of their own, relying on ground-sharing arrangements with the likes of Northampton Town and their 7000-capacity Sixfields Stadium. I hope the geniuses responsible for this are proud of themselves...