Friday, 15 March 2013

Football Attic Retro Roundup

There's a whole host of retro loveliness out there on that world wide web and while we will often retweet / share these articles, we thought it'd be nice to collate all the excellent stuff we've been reading each week.

To that end, we present the 1st of our (hopefully) weekly Retro Roundups

A personal tribute to the late BBC commentator Tony Gubba by his former colleague, Barry Davies.

Got Not Got takes a delivery of long-forgotten football posters, the first two of which see the light of day here and here.

John Devlin ponders on two intriguing away kit designs seen recently in the Champions League at True Colours...

Old School Panini focuses on the top 10 vintage haircuts from Panini’s 1995-96 Belgian sticker album...

Not quite the football phone service of the same name, but here’s a club call on Brighton & Hove Albion from 1972-73 over at The Goldstone Wrap

Gazza takes some light refreshment with his friends over at Same Old Subbuteo Brand New Kits...

Some gorgeous imagery among the pages of a 1935 Umbro catalogue - brought to you by Who Ate All The Pies...

And finally, for those on twitter, check out @andrewastewart 's timeline from 9th March for a fantastic selection of photos from old footy mags from the 80s & 90s including this beauty!

More next week :)


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