Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Football Attic Kit Podcast 15 Part 1 - John Devlin

This week we deviate slightly from the usual format, taking a break from the Kit Collection feature to indulge ourselves in some star gazing...

For Episode 15 of the Football Attic Kit Podcast, we're talking to TV's John Devlin about... well, about TV's John Devlin!

We take a wander down Devlin lane and get to find out all about his career, the stars he's fraternized with and eventually we get to the meat of it all when we get stuck into his brilliant True Colours books.

Listen as Chris repeatedly tries to ruin the chance of a TC3 ever coming to fruition, while Rich mocks the main man's love of Scotland!

There's no kit off vote just yet... that'll be in Part 2...

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Wait for Part 2 you impatient people! ;-P


A crib sheet is available featuring pictures of all the kits mentioned in this podcast, plus links to the websites and projects mentioned. Send us an email if you'd like access to our shared Google Doc now, and we'll do the rest!


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