Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Football Attic Kit Podcast 14: World Cup 1978

This week we turn the clock back nearly 40 years to the 1978 World Cup, a competition that featured 16 teams, Tango balls and a hint of suspicion, if you happened to be Peruvian...

For Episode 14 of the Football Attic Kit Podcast, we're choosing our favourite three home and away kits from the tournament - a task that might seem straight-forward on paper... until you realise that most of the kits looked incredibly similar...

We look at the good, the bad and (in the case of one game involving France) the downright bizarre, with plenty of opportunities to read out your comments along the way.

There's also a Mexican flavoured Kit Off vote for you (details below) and some Kit News from south of the border too... Ay, caramba!

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We asked you to pick your favourite Mexico World Cup shirt from those worn at the 1986, 1998 and 2010 tournaments

The poll is now closed and the final result was as follows:

1st - Shirt A (1986 World Cup)          65%
2nd - Shirt B (1998 World Cup)         23%
3rd - Shirt C (2010 World Cup)         12%

Total number of votes: 118

Thanks for taking part!

A crib sheet is available featuring pictures of all the kits mentioned in this podcast, plus links to the websites and projects mentioned. Send us an email if you'd like access to our shared Google Doc now, and we'll do the rest!


  1. Great podcast as usual. The Brazil home is a personal favourite especially in long sleeves as it was a winter World Cup. It was worn at Wembley before jetting off to Argentina in a 1-1 draw with England in Admiral red, I assume that they chose England in May to familiarise themselves with a South American Winter. The England shirt is a beaut, without googling Kevin Keegle scored for Ron Greenwood's lads. Kevin has just turned 66.Is he really,Kinell I hear you say.

  2. 1. Netherlands white away with the orange shorts and socks! especially with the white wrapping around the ankles with black boots kicking a Tango ball superb!
    2. Peru ( I know obvious but as an 8 year old I'd never seen a kit like that before)
    3. Scotland with long sleeves, more Umbro diamonds, that dark blue looked great.

  3. I've got a question for John Devlin (I don't use Twitter)
    will the introduction of sleeve adverts change the way you design your shirts? Will the layout be different so the sleeve is more visible?