Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Ultimate BBC Goal of the Season - And the winner is...

...the first ever winner of the BBC's Goal of the Season competition - Ernie Hunt of Coventry City.

Image: BBC
That iconic donkey kick by Willie Carr, followed by Hunt's perfectly executed volley secured 37.6% of our votes, with another Coventry favourite, Keith Houchen, placing second with 33% of the vote. Third place went to Justin Fashanu's beautiful looping volley for Norwich against Liverpool in 1980 with 4.6% of the vote.

All in all, we received 109 votes, 71% of which were for the top two in our poll. You can say what you like about democracy, but Coventry fans certainly know how to mobilise their support when there's pride at stake!

Our thanks to everyone that took part in our vote-off, and here once again are your top three goals...

1st Place: Goal 1
Ernie Hunt (for Coventry City against Everton, 3 October 1970)

2nd Place: Goal 17
Keith Houchen (for Coventry City against Tottenham Hotspur, 16 May 1987)

3rd Place: Goal 10
Justin Fashanu (for Norwich City against Liverpool, 9 February 1980)

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  1. Lets just be grateful it wasn't a twitter vote, otherwise an Arseanal goal would have won, that how the last 2 goals won Goal of the Season's have been seucured.