Saturday, 14 November 2015

Farewell from The Football Attic

To those of you that have supported The Football Attic over the last four years…

We are very sorry to inform you that today marks the end of our journey into the world of football nostalgia.

Our intention was to bring you articles and features that brought to mind happy memories of bygone football. That we did so to an appreciative audience throughout is something we are both very proud of indeed.

Today is the fourth anniversary of The Football Attic arriving on the internet, and although we’re sad to be bringing the project to an end, we’re also happy to have lasted as long as we have. This has been due in no small part to you, the visitors to our website, the people that have listened to our podcasts, the followers of our Twitter and Facebook accounts and anyone that has interacted with us during our football nostalgia odyssey, especially those who helped make the League of Blogs such a success. Without your support and kindness, The Football Attic would have ended long ago.

We would also, however, like to give our warmest thanks to the guest writers that have produced so many wonderful articles and features over the last four years. We've been truly flattered at the regularity with which they've volunteered their time and effort, and the result has been a website that isn't just written for nostalgia fans but in many cases by them as well. To be able to share their talent for writing with you has been an absolute joy.

Though our journey may be coming to an end, our love for football nostalgia remains (as will our Twitter account), and we hope you continue to indulge your love of the subject too. Some people would have you believe that it’s always better to look forward, not back, and that the memories of the past cannot sustain you forever. We disagree. The history of football contains more than enough sights and sounds for everyone to enjoy. You just need to find them.

Our purpose has been to do so on your behalf, and we hope we made you smile along the way.

With sincerest gratitude,

Rich Johnson and Chris Oakley.


  1. Shedding a few tears this end....

  2. Farewell but not goodbye. The Attic will always be.

  3. End of a very enjoyable era, will be missed by many the globe over.

  4. A real shame, I've loved the blogs and the podcasts since I found out about you guys about 18 months ago,
    I look forward to your future projects.

  5. Well I must say this makes me really sad, I've really loved reading this blog for some time, and the podcasts were superb. It's come as a real surprise, I hope you two can continue in some way to bring us some football nostalgia perhaps in future blogs elsewhere.
    I'm going to miss clicking on my favourites and not seeing this blog updating, it was always a treat to see a new post from you guys. Well, I can only wish you luck and say thanks for keeping me entertained and making me feel like a normal person for knowing such trivial facts about football. Crap, who else is going to come up with football shirts based on old snacks and drinks?
    Good luck chaps, I'm going to miss those amazing graphics etc etc etc.

  6. Always leave them wanting more as P T Barnum aptly said.

  7. Sad to hear this news.Have really enjoyed the articles,and in particular the podcasts.Many thanks for all your hard work,and best wishes for the future.

  8. Sorry to hear the news, Chris. The pod and blog have been one of the highlights of the week for me for many years.