Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Football Attic Podcast 29 - 50GFSE - The Top 5!

As with all good journeys, so too must the 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever come to an end... and so we hereby present the Top 5!

Listen to the "experts" discuss the best football shirts ever created and the detailed reasoning as to why they are what they are.

Finally, we take a look at the stats relating to the whole project and discuss some of the feedback we've had along the way.

It's a long one...nearly 2 hours!


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  1. Great way to finish, a perfect way to spend a late Sunday night as I got through some work!

  2. great project, great podcasts, but I can't decide which I would rather keep secret from my wife, listening to a bunch of anoraks taking cross over collars, and pinstripes, or watching porn.

    1. Thanks Rob. I think she'd be far more understanding about watching porn, personally... :)