Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Football Attic Podcast 28 - 50GFSE 12-6

The 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever! may be finished, but we're not done with it yet! Not while we still have 12 shirts left to blather on about!

It's another Jayless pod as he's off definitely not working or something (he told me to say that in case the tax man is listening), so I'm afraid there's only one mention of baselayers...

So pop your slippers on, grab a mug of cocoa and settle down in your favourite armchair and let the warmth of Chris, Rich and John's soothing tones send you to sleep...


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  1. Good work fellas but after watching match of the day and seeing newcastle's 3rd? 4th kit? A top twenty of the worst maybe?

    Russ Harper

    1. After listening to the podcast i agree the worst kits are those that are judged not expected at the time and the lists are mostly trite and cliched. Most enjoyed the top 50 celebration, shedding light on what makes a great shirt. Having said that Newcastle's worn at Swansea heaven knows what the designers were thinking, smoking or snorting.

      Keep up the Great Work

      Russ Harper

  2. The First Division in 1985 had 20 out of 22 clubs wearing shirts with v-neck shirts.

    There were only 4 teams with collared jerseys in the whole Football League:
    Millwall, made by Gimer (with additional white chest band )
    Reading & Rotherham, both made by Patrick
    & Swansea who's Hummel shirt had a v-insert collar.

  3. This was the 12th best to 6th best, yes? The three of you sound fairly negative at times.

    I'd agree with James Taylor about the Africa Unity shirt. I had Jay briefed to relay my beefs but obviously he wasn't on, so here goes - I feel that it was almost casual racism from Puma, only missing the tagline of 'A Third Kit for the Third World'. This blog post reflects my thoughts:

    North Africa countries Egypt and Morocco had Puma at the time but didn't qualify for the World Cup - how keen were they on it, I wonder?