Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Football Attic Podcast 18 - Get involved!

Attention audio aficionados!

We're pleased to announce that we'll be recording our 18th Football Attic Podcast over the weekend of 24/25 May 2014, and as ever, we'd like you to be a part of it!

Once again, we'll be focusing on the World Cup, but this time we'll be picking our favourite three memories from each of the tournaments we've seen. And you can join us on our trip down memory lane!

We'd like you to pick one tournament and choose your favourite three memories from it. Once you've done that, simply send them to us using one of the following three methods:

By website:
Use the 'comments' link below and type in your text

By Twitter:
Cram your memories into 140 characters or less at Twitter.com/footballattic

By Facebook:
Share your favourite moments with us over at Facebook.com/TheFootballAttic

We'll do our very best to read out as many of your comments as possible, and we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for taking part!


  1. Victor Rey (A.K.A Victormrey)21 May 2014 at 11:56

    -2002 WC (1/8 Final): The penalty missed by Valeron against Ireland, I thought we were going to be defeated.

    -2006 WC (Final): The header from Zidane to Materazzi.

    -2012 WC (Final): The Iniesta's goal at 116'.

  2. 3) Peruvian rush goalie v poland v 1978
    2) French le chicken on the pitch v canada 1986 middle of the night, papin scored
    1) Gazza v Holland 1990, a complete basket case nowadays that saddens the heart of anyone who witnessed his golden 3 weeks in italia. You could pick something quirky or obtuse but it its hard to forget how magical it was to see a mars bar loving geordie make a mug of gullit.

    I stumbled on your site about a month ago and it is a sheer joy, marvellous.

    Russ Harper Worcester, Villa.

  3. Eating a beef kubideh plate at a Kurdish restaurant on my lunch break and seeing Landon Donovan score against Algeria in South Africa '10.
    I didn't have much of an interest for football (

  4. (SOCKUR in a Southern California accent) I was in Nashville working, 2010 was a hot summer in Tennessee. I started to follow it afterwards