Thursday, 29 May 2014

Commercial Break: Match Weekly 'Quiz Disc' (1981)

Back at the start of January 2014, we recorded Football Attic Podcast 15 on the subject of Shoot! and Match magazine, and as has become traditional, we put out an appeal ahead of the recording to ask for your memories of either.

While many people regaled us with their remembrances of Shoot's League Ladders, two of you tugged our coats to tell us about a long-forgotten give-away gift in Match Weekly magazine.

Andrew Rockall said at the time: "Match gave away a flexidisc record with a quiz on it. Hoddle, Peter Withe and stretching my memory I think… Alan Kennedy were the contestants. Hosted by Mike Ingham, it was a three-parter and the discs were coloured 7-inch."

Mark Taylor meanwhile, said: "I remember the flexidiscs on the cover featuring interviews with the likes of Hoddle and Keegan. I still have them somewhere. The needle tended to skip off them fairly quickly."

Yet you know how it is: even though two people corroborate the existence of such a thing, you can't quite allow yourself to believe it until you've seen it for yourself.

Well now we can! Unearthed from the millions of hours of footage uploaded to YouTube, we found this - an actual TV advert for Match Weekly magazine!

Beat that, Shoot...


  1. That screen grab makes the fella holding up the disc look like he doesn't have any teeth.

  2. I still have these 3 discs and the match weekly magazines, i found them in a cupboard in my mums house. The magazines are in excellent condition and the discs play very well. D York.

    1. Fantastic! Look after them - they might be worth something one day! :)

  3. I'm an old colleague of Mike Ingham. I've just reminded him about these in an email - these are my first memories of him.