Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Football Attic Podcast 14 - Football Kit Special

Yes we've covered kits before (twice in fact), but we love kits and it's our podcast so we can do what we want! That a problem?? You starting??? Outside, NOW!!!!

Anyway, while we may have covered kits already, we've not done so with some very special guests. We hereby present Podcast 14, a football kit special with insight from True Colours legend John Devlin and the Daddy, Jay!

Oh and it's 1 hour, 40 mins! Yeah, we LOVE kits!

Enjoy it people!

p.s. Jay... you might want to get a decent lawyer ;-)

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  1. A very enjoyable, if not a touch Liverpool heavy, chat about kits.

    Andy Rockall

  2. Terrific podcast! How refreshing to hear interesting topics discussed and valid arguments raised that actually affect the modern fan. The most dramatic changes in football over the last twenty years have happened in marketing, yet it's rarely talked about in the mainstream media. Well done.

    The phenomenon of national teams wearing one-colour kits is a hideous development in modern football that has been known to keep me awake at night. I completely disagree with the argument that it aids the television viewer: I've never heard anyone (watching on TV or at the stadium) complain of problems being able to differentiate between the two teams on the pitch. And why is this suddenly a problem now, when players are recognisable by their tattoos alone and TV definition is high enough to count the beads of sweat on Balotelli's brow? It's nothing but a nonsensical ruling devised by Blatter's minions to justify their own employment. I'm dreading Brazil 2014: I have a terrible feeling it's going to be a sort of watershed turning point for people over 25...

    I believe the retro shirt available in the Spain 2010 adidas boxset was a replica of the '82 shirt which was also made by adidas. They wore Le Coq kits in '84, '86, '88 and '90.

    P.S. Thanks for the mention, Rich... ;)

  3. I have another comment.

    Thanks for bringing up the Spain's black socks. Though I have no evidence to prove my theory, I've always suspected they had something to do with the Franco regime, which is why they were slowly phased out after Generalissimo's death.

    Base layers are the other development (besides yellow balls) that has made watching football during the winter months incredibly unpleasant. Why are base layers preferable to long-sleeves? And why not wear long-sleeves over the base layer? The Spanish league seems to be the last bastion of long-sleeved shirts: Cristiano Ronaldo, Pique and Sergio Ramos always seem to wear them.

    P.S. Please tell me where the podcast theme music is from? I recognise it but what is it? Saint & Greavsie?

    1. Hi James. Thanks for all your comments! Of course, the Spain kit in the box set was from 82! Duh :-)

      And the theme tune is of course, Aztec Gold, ITV's theme from the 86 World Cup...also used for their big match coverage...and Saint and Greavsie :)

    2. I like Spanish red football kit. Like their game, full of passion.