Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Focus On... Andrew Rockall

Have a look at all the people you follow or interact with on Twitter. How many do you know? How many people play their part in making the football world go round, yet appear only as mere names on your computer screen?

Here at The Football Attic, we're committed to bringing everyone together as one big happy family and generally promoting peace and harmony for one and all. That's why we've created our Focus On feature - an occasional interview in the style of Shoot! magazine that'll help you see the person behind the Twitter handle. If you'd like to get involved, visit our info page where you'll find all the details you need.

Meantime, let's start our series by telling you all about Andrew Rockall - football fan, occasional football kit illustrator and all round good egg.

Andrew Rockall (left) with former Tottenham
Hotspur manager Martin Jol.
Full Name:
Andrew Rockall (@Statto_74)


Current project(s):
Tottenham Football Fancast (guest)

Leytonstone, London

26 June 1974

6 ft 3 in

Previous projects:
Regular contributor to True Colours comments section, Twitter

Yes, to Jennifer

John, 18 months

Ford Focus

Favourite blogs/podcasts:
The Football Attic, The Football Ramble, Guardian Football Weekly, anything by Richard Herring.

Team(s) supported:
Tottenham Hostpur (season ticket for 25 years).

Favourite football player ever:
Glenn Hoddle

Biggest thrill while blogging/podcasting:
Being described as a friend of the show on the Attic podcast.

Biggest disappointment while blogging/podcasting:
Wish blogging / podcasting had been around before I was married as I'd have been far more active.

Best countries visited:
Australia, South Africa

Favourite food:

Miscelleaneous likes:
Refereeing, Cricket, Walking in the Lake District

Miscellaneous dislikes:
Idiots, American TV, American sport

Favourite TV shows:
Only Fools & Horses, Alan Partridge, Phoenix Nights, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Life on Mars

Favourite actors/actresses:
Rachel Weiss

Favourite musicians:
Stone Roses, Squeeze, Madness, REM

Best friend:
My two best mates live in Dubai and China.

Biggest drag in blogging/podcasting:
Ill informed people having a platform.

Personal ambition:
To officiate in the FA Cup. Have had two appointments as an assistant, both had to be turned down due to injury.

If not in your current career, which job would you do?
Football adminstrator.

Which person in the world would you most like to meet?
Ever - Brian Clough; now - Richie Benaud.

Favourite activity on a day off:
Refereeing. Have been lucky enough to officiate at White Hart Lane 20 times for staff games or corporate hires.

Our thanks once again go to Andrew Rockall, and if you'd like to appear in a future edition of Focus On, remember to visit our info page and find out how you can take part.


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