Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lion comic t-shirt ad, 1972

It's the gift that every football-loving child of the early 1970's wanted - a t-shirt featuring the face of Kevin Keegan with a black eye. And yours for only 92p!

But not only that - if you were a regular purchaser of Lion comic back in 1972, you could also buy a t-shirt featuring a footballer that hadn't been involved in a punch-up, such as Rodney Marsh, Peter Osgood or... er... Billy Bremner? Actually, even the shirt featuring Gordon Banks can't have been that good, judging by the expression of the kid in the middle.

This, of course, was the precursor to many a product that now finds itself widely available on the internet (although some are better than others), and can thereby consider itself ahead of its time.

Or indeed, a head of its time. A ha-ha.

(Image reproduced by kind permission of combomphotos)


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