Friday, 31 May 2013

League of Blogs 2013 - Roundup + Sticker Book News!

Well it's over for another year! The League of Blogs 2013 has officially come to a close and we'd just like to say what a huge pleasure it was running this again and a massive thank you to all who joined in!

This year we've had a total of 51 blogs sign up, meaning a total of 99 individual kit designs (and of course 51 badge designs) - a gargantuan effort of which you should all be proud!

Check out the good work in the gallery.

But of course, the League of Blogs doesn't end here...not while there's merch we can flog off the back of it ;-)

As with last year, we'll be creating a Sticker Book (last year's shown here), which is a loose term as the 'stickers' are actually pre-printed in the book - we considered doing one where you get the stickers as actual stickers, but the cost becomes prohibitive...unless you want to spend about £30 on it, but I know none of you are that insane ;-)

So...the book will be a 30 page softcover sticker book with the 102 'stickers' all lovingly presented in what we hope will be a much loved style...probably gonna look something like the page layout here, though this is still a draft copy...

Price will be the same as last year...£15 inc UK P&P. If you live overseas, we'll give you an idea of the cost before you commit.

With each book, you will get your own 2 stickers as actual stickers, which will include your badge as an actual foil sticker after I searched high and low for somewhere that makes printable silver sticker see what I go through for you lucky people???? ;-)

I shall be getting these together and crucially, ordering them this weekend so if you want one, please shout now, so I have a rough idea of numbers.

If you want to buy one, drop us a line here, via email (admin[at]thefootballattic[dot]com), via facebook or twitter and we'll let you know what to do.

Finally, our Top 3s will be announced very shortly :-)

Thanks once again for all your excellent designs and's been a privilege :)

Rich & Chris


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