Friday, 4 January 2013

The Football Attic Podcast Episode 4 - Subbuteo

Like buses in a lame joke, you wait ages for an Attic podcast and then several turn up at once!

Yes you lucky people, we're here again! This time we decided to waffle on about Subbuteo and we did so for over an hour! Sorry about that, but y' have a fast forward button ;-)

Thanks to all those who responded to our call on twitter. We tried to mention you all, but apologies if we missed you.

So...sit back and enjoy(?) episode 4 of the Football Attic podcast!

Usual Disclaimer: We still haven't managed to get iTunes working so to download it, it's the rather retro method of 'Right-click and Save As' from the link below:

Football Attic Podcast Episode 4


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