Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Football Attic Annual

It started as a Christmas present for Chris and myself, but after posting pics of it on Twitter, we received quite a bit of interest from people wanting to know if we planned to sell them.  I hadn't, but if people wanted them, why not share the Attic love?

Chris and I have gone through all of 2012's articles (and a few from 2011) and picked out 22 of our  favourites, covering 30 pages, all wrapped up in a rather lovely hardback book...proper Annual style!

If you'd like one of these, they'll be £16.50 delivered in the UK (outside the UK, contact us and we'll let you know how much it'd be). These are being done pretty much (talking pence here) at cost so we very much hope you'll enjoy them :)


Contact us on Twitter (@footballattic) or at admin[at]thefootballattic[dot]com.

I've ordered 13 in total and once they're allotted, they'll be gone! 

Rich & Chris

Update: I've had a "yes" from the following people so that's 10 gone and 3 left.

Anyone I've missed, please shout!

David Hartrick
Jay Richardson ‏@TivertonHornet
rob stokes ‏@JossiesDad
Peter Miles ‏@PeterRMiles
Kris Horton ‏@roman_machine
Al Gordon ‏@algordon_cafc
GFO_Editor ‏@Gillsfansonline
Sky Blues Blog
David - Football Gaffes Galore
Alex Gunn


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