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The Football Attic is a blog dedicated to the enshrinement of all that's great about The Beautiful Game from an era that's destined never to return.

We catalogue collectible football ephemera from the pre-2000 era along with memorable vestages of the day. Whether it's Panini sticker albums, Subbuteo, Shoot! magazines, old football kits or TV programmes, we aim to show it for all its wondrousness.

The Football Attic is written, researched and produced by Richard Johnson (Sofa Soccer) and Chris Oakley (Chris O).


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"They make it cool to be geeky!" - thefootyblog.net

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"Lots of stuff always very well done" - @footyramblings

"Genuinely almost made me cry reminiscing" - @Jay29ers

"If like me you like to immerse yourself in retro footy then these guys are a #FF must" - @miniboro_dotcom

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"Just discovered [The Football Attic] during lunch at work. Could have stayed on it for the rest of the day" - @woodlandsdf

"Just discovered [The Football Attic] a few weeks ago and have smiled every day since. It is a truly lovely thing." - @kbsund

"I love The Football Attic and I’ve often lost hours gazing at all the wonderful nostalgia within their loft space. It’s pure joy, and well worth your time." - The 90 Second Football Blog

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  1. Badly need a piece on the 1975 masterpiece Big Match Poster Magazine. i sometimes feel I was the only starry-eyed kid in awe of this magical fold out magazine. Do you have a copy in the attic?

  2. Not at the moment, Simon, but you can be sure we'll have a forage around to see if we can unearth one for you! Thanks for getting in touch...

  3. Just happened upon this Gem and listening to podcasts as I type this in Melbourne.

  4. I have a lot of unopened packages of these cards.

  5. I have a lot of unopened packages of these cards.