Tuesday 27 April 2021

Football Attic: Rewind - Episode 1

If you've been waiting for a football podcast that thinks electronic scoreboards are the coolest thing ever or shrugs its shoulders when it hears the phrase 'VAR', you're very much in luck.

Yes folks, The Football Attic: Rewind is on hand to transport you back to a time when 'Internet' was something international-standard anglers used to catch fish and 'Bestie' was that Irish bloke who used to score loads of goals for Manchester United.

In this first episode, we, your humble hosts, take you back to September 19th 1981 to look at an old episode of the BBC's Match of the Day. And my, how things have changed. We see crowds bereft of replica shirt-wearing fans (apart from one young bloke at Anfield), players getting fouled but denying us the chance to see their extensive acting repertoire and pitchside boards advertising holiday camps and stone enamellers. Did this really happen in our lifetime?

Apparently it did, and we've got the evidence to prove it. If you want to watch this episode of Match of the Day to see what we're talking about, you can catch it here

So if you want to the greatest ever example of the Egyptian goatee beard, see the evil in Garry Birtles' eyes or simply marvel at the wonder of a behind-the-goal camera angle, you've definitely come to the right place. Mind - there's a bit of mild swearing here and there. Sorry about that...


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