Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Entire Attic Kit Collection...Almost

While I may have put 2 books out with the majority of my kit collection in, I don't actually have a photo of the whole lot...mainly because the shirts are spread all over the house in loads of boxes.

Classic Football Shirts (free advertising here guys...cough cough ;-P ) are currently getting people to showcase their collections using the hashtag #CFSCollectorsClub so I found a decent collage app and finally stitched (most) of them together...not literally...

Having posted this on Facebook, the tiny nature of the kits on display, coupled with FB's image compression, meant that most were impossible to make out.

So, here's the whole lot (give or take a few I don't have photos of)...

Enjoy...and revel in my obsession...click on it to see it full size...

Rich J


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