Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Football Attic Kit Podcast 05 - World Cup 2002

Greetings, football kit design lovers!

We're back once again with another rambling assessment of all that's important in the world of shirts, shorts and socks, and this time our main focus is World Cup 2002.

Did Nike get it right with their 'pointy panel' template? Were Adidas a bit too conservative with their main design? And what the hell was going on with all those mesh layers?!

Answers to these questions and more can be found in this latest podcast, plus there's your chance to vote in another Kit Off poll (details below).

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This week's theme was 'Silver and Grey', and the result was as follows:

1st: Shirt A - Liverpool away 1988-89: (61%)
2nd: Shirt C - Olympique Marseille away 2014-15: (27%)
3rd: Shirt B - Manchester United away 1995-96: (12%)
Total votes: 140. Thanks to everyone that participated in the Kit Off!


During the Kit News section of this podcast, we referred to a number of new kits. You can find images for them by following these links:


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