Friday, 30 October 2015

Videoblog 8: Chris O's Football Shirts

Here at The Football Attic, it's not just Rich J who's owned a considerable number of footy shirts in his time. Chris O's bought a few down the years as well, and to prove the point, here he is to tell you all about the shirts he's owned in our eighth (and last) Videoblog.

An avid West Ham supporter, many of Chris' shirts are naturally of the claret-and-blue variety, but you'll be mistaken for thinking that he's confined his choices to the Upton Park club only. Watch the video and find out which other shirts he's proudly worn (in the presence of a sporting great, in one example...)


  1. Nothing wrong with being proud and passionate !

  2. I have that PSV shirt: an absolute classic that endured for a whopping four seasons, an eternity even for the early nineties. I also have the Porto shirt (revigres) from the same era. Both were made by adidas.

    1. You and I were obviously separated at birth, James... :)