Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Football Attic Podcast 24 - 50GFSE 50-41

We've come to the end of the first 10 shirts in the 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever and what better way to celebrate that milestone than by the four of us (Rich, Chris, John from True Colours and Jay from Design Football) waffling about those same 10 shirts?

So buckle up and prepare for a rollercoaster ride (a very tame one) through shirts 50-41 in the 50GFSE!

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1 comment:

  1. Entertaining podcast... despite some frankly bewildering inclusions! Hull? Norwich? Cork? I don't think either of those would squeeze into my Top 5,000 favourite shirts...

    With reference to the Holland '96 kit, there seemed to be some debate as to the origins of the red-white-blue trim. This, of course, first appeared on Holland's '91-'93 kit, most memorably worn during Euro 92 and for two World Cup qualifiers against England.

    Thanks for mentioning the tricolor captain's armbands. When Matthaus and Gullit exchanged pennants at Italia '90 it was armband perfection! These days they're all fluorescent and covered in fair play logos.

    I have to disagree with Jay regarding the France kits. With the exception of '02, '06 and the short-lived '09 kit cited by Rich, all the French kits after '98 seemed to pay dubious homage in some way to the classic '84 design. http://www.shirttales.org/france-1984/