Monday, 13 April 2015

The Football Attic Podcast 23 - Best & Worst

Hi folks! It's podcast time again!

So which exciting subject are we covering this time? We're not... nope! Rather than talk endlessly about one subject we decided to have fund and do a 'Best & Worst' list type thing, seeing as that's what the interweb seems to like these days.

During the course of the show, we throw football nostalgia categories at each other (conversationally speaking) and discuss which are our favourite and least favourite things in those categories.

So for instance, you may hear Chris asking Rich for his best and worst items in the category of 'Football Kits'. Rich will obviously pick 'England '82' as his best and 'Coventry City 87' as his worst... Wait a minute... That can't be right... :-)

It's all entirely our opinion and therefore totally subjective, just the way it should be!


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  1. I haven't finished it yet but wanted to say how pleased I was to hear your dislike for the Nike Mango FA cup ball, I don't have HD TV and there are times during a game when I have absolutely no idea where the Mango is. (sounds like a children's game) I wrote to the FA about it's terrible visibility and they replied that it has passed all visibility tests. They must have been testing in HD, as there's been times when suddenly the ball is in the net and I haven't a clue how it got there. Why can't they just play with a white ball? Which reminds me, please excuse the venting, those bloody moving adverting boards, when they have a white background you can't see the ball (unless it's the Mango!) At Man City they are at such a bad angle behind the goal that it's hard to see the crossbar, hey at least we can see the advert though instead of the ball and goal, that's the most important thing eh?

    1. Oh, I can see you're cut from very much the same cloth as us, Rob! Can't add anything to the above comments. Modern football, eh?!! Pfft... :)