Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Greatest Retro Football Video Game: Semi Final result

The last five days of voting are finally over and now we can announce who has reached our Greatest Retro Football Video Game Final!

Thanks to all the votes you registered, we ended up with a clear winner in Group A and a tie for first place in Group B!

Despite a neck-and-neck battle with Sensible World of Soccer over the first four days, it was Sensible Soccer that eventually stretched its lead towards the end of the Group A campaign to come out top, In Group B, however, there was a three-horse race that proved exciting right to the bitter end!

From the word 'go', Football Manager led from the front, picking up many of your votes, with Championship Manager very close behind. Then in the second half of the voting period, FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 rapidly gained in popularity, and in the final hours before the deadline picked up enough crucial votes to tie for first place with Football Manager. Championship Manager missed out on a three-way tie by just one vote.

Here are the total number of votes cast:

Group A

Sensible Soccer (1992, CA/AST) - 21 votes
Sensible World of Soccer (1994, CA/PC) - 13 votes
FIFA Soccer 95 / FIFA 95 (1995, SMD) - 10 votes
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (1988, C64/ZXS/AST/CA/AMS) - 4 votes
Match Day (1984, ZXS/C64/AMS/BBCM) - 4 votes
Tracksuit Manager (1988, ZXS/C64/CA/AST) - 1 vote

Group B

FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (PC/NGB/SMD/SNES/PS1/N64) - 15 votes
Football Manager (1981, ZXS/ZX81/BBCM) - 15 votes
Championship Manager (CA/AST) - 14 votes
Kick Off 2 (1990, CA/AST/AMS) - 6 votes
Kick Off (1989, CA/AST) - 2 votes
Actua Soccer (1995, PC/PS1) - 1 vote

(Total responses: 54)

With 'FIFA 98' and Football Manager sharing top spot in Group B, we decided to go completely retro by tossing a coin to decide who should reach the Final. Then we realised that this was an outdated and highly unsatisfactory method and opted instead to count the votes gained by both titles in the previous round. It's not just UEFA that can lean heavily on a co-efficient system, you know... ;-)

Having totalled up all the previous votes, we found that FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 picked up 10 while Football Manager scored 26, so it's Kevin Toms legendary management simulation that goes through to meet Sensible Soccer from Group A in the Final.

And that's what's coming next on The Football Attic - the grand finale that will decide the Greatest Retro Football Video Game Ever! Watch this space for details of how to vote soon!


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