Wednesday, 3 September 2014

League of Blogs 2014 Deadline - Fri 10th October

All good things must come to an does everything else...

Several people have asked if they're too late to join the League of Blogs and the answer right now is "NO!"

If you're asking on the 11th October, however, the answer will be "YES, WHY WERE YOU SO LAZY????"

What I'm getting at is we've now set a deadline for the League of Blogs 2014 entries and that deadline is:

FRIDAY 10th OCTOBER at midnight!
(23:59:59 for those who wish to be pedantic)

That means you've got at least another five weeks, so there's no excuse to not join up... NO EXCUSE!!!!

For details on what I'm banging on about, see here and for the excellent entries so far, go to the League of Blogs Gallery


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