Friday, 8 August 2014

Football Tat We've Owned Number 1 - Euro 96 Plasters

While both of us here in the Attic love football ephemera (in fact, that was nearly the name of this blog), Chris tends to stick to the, shall we say, quality end of the scale of football collectibles. I, on the other hand, am notorious for collecting what could best be described as "utter crap".

It struck me just how much of this I've bought down the years, while trying to describe my latest acquisition that falls easily into this category to Jay from :

Me: "Here's my life in a nutshell: tonight I spent £16 on a Japanese Coke can because it comes with a World Cup Trophy clock inside it"

Jay: "How do you get to the World Cup trophy clock?"

Me: "It's a fake can"

More on that particular beauty when it arrives...

To kick off this occasional series, the marvel of marketing that is Euro 96 plasters!

That's right, I bought some sticking plasters from Boots, just because they had the Euro 96 logo on them. That said, don't get me wrong here, I don't regret this purchase whatsoever as the logo was great (a freeform art football in many primary colours) and I did actually need some plasters...probably.

What it demonstrates however, is the sheer banality of products that get decorated with the latest money making tournament artwork and moreover that this happens because people like me will gladly buy it!

What prompted me to write about these was actually finding two of them in an old first aid box while clearing out my garage recently - I thought I'd used them all at the time... 1996 it seems was a very injury-prone year! I can find virtually no info on them anywhere and I sadly no longer have the box, but they appear to be made by Curity and they were an official licensed product (none of your cheap rip-off plasters here!)  So sit back and revel in the glory that is a Euro 96 Plaster!


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