Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Podcast 20 - We Want Your Memories!

No it's not a new podcast...yet... Also, no, it's not some kind of mid-80s Twilight Zone episode!

We'll soon be recording the 20th Football Attic podcast and, as that's some kind of important number (ish) and we're almost 3 years old, we thought we'd get all self indulgent and do an Attic retrospective.

This actually stemmed from a conversation between Chris and myself about what we've really enjoyed about putting this whole thing together...so we decided to spend an hour engaging in hearty slapping of backs and warm hugs all round, though court orders may inhibit the latter ;-)

We'll be talking about our general memories of the last 3 years from our first, virtually unnoticed posts, to the heights of getting a mention on the Guardian website, making several other proper blog sites' lists of top blogs and generally getting to know a whole bunch of decent people :)

And hey, if we're being all self indulgent, why not get you to join the love in?  Because that's sickening you say? Shame I can't hear you la la la!!!

To that end, we'd like to hear about your own memories & thoughts on the Attic - what you've liked, what you haven't, what we could do better, what you'd like to see more / less of etc etc etc

So, please leave your comments below, tweet us or leave a message on Facebook and we'll do our usual and try to read them all out...except the horrible ones of course, we're not mental!!! ;-)


  1. My favourite Attic moment was winning a badge in the 2013 Easter egg hunt, actually the highlight was receiving the badge in June!

    The lowest was the greatest France home kit vote debacle of Xmas 2013.

    On the whole I love the site, and the podcasts. It's great to read/hear from likeminded football enthusiasts.


    1. Re the badge...let it go Andrew!!!! ;-)
      Seriously though, thanks for your comments and kind words :)

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