Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Best of Bygone Football - And the winner is...

...Multiple Replays After Drawn Cup Ties!

Yes, you, the football nostalgia-lovers of this great world of ours have voted and made your voices heard. In your opinion, the best thing about bygone football is the potentially never-ending run of matches that decided the winner of Cup matches many years ago.

The result may be a surprise to some, but clearly we underestimated the strength of feeling by those of you that think penalty shoot-outs decide the winner of Cup ties all too quickly these days.

One of those people was Duncan A Woods who perused all his voting options before telling us on Twitter: "Couldn't decide until 'multiple replays after drawn cup ties' made me go misty eyed... Also replays must take place the following Tuesday and/or Wednesday and not in 10 days time." Duncan obviously remembers a time when the domestic football calendar wasn't skewed by the prominence of Premier League and Champions League fixtures - a sentiment no doubt shared by many of you.

Our poll received 67 votes in total, 11 of which were cast in favour of our winner. Just one vote behind was 'Players' shirts numbered 1 to 11' - a popular choice that led the voting with only one day to go. On a similar theme, 'Sponsorless shirts' came in third with nine votes.

A 1980 edition of Match of the Day shows its support
for our runner-up, 34 years earlier than necessary
Two pitch-related candidates completed the top five - 'Snowy pitches / orange balls' receiving six votes and 'Muddy pitches' receiving five votes.

Twelve of our original 30 candidates failed to register any votes including, somewhat surprisingly, 'Old-style advertising boards (who needs to know live betting odds anyway?) and 'Players with moustaches'. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Elton Welsby also failed to trouble our final scoreboard.

And so we end our Best of Bygone Football vote by going off now to write a strongly-worded letter to the FA in the hope that they'll reconsider multiple cup-tie replays. As we do so, we'd like to thank all of you that voted in our poll. Your participation is very much appreciated.


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